alright i am in a bind here, i really like the Jackson DKMG. the pups the neck and the body are highlights. but the low profile Floyd Rose-licensed double-locking tremolo is slightley disturbing to me. it is a jackson licensed so its not the real thing so its quality is questionable. so i was wondering if it is adny good? is its tuning stability any good? ( will it stay in tune with much abuse?) and if it not any good can i buy a schaller floyd rose tremol and just replace the bridge?

thanks for all of ur help.
I have a Jackson RR3 and honestly, it barely goes out of tune. Just learn how to set it up properly and it should be fine.
oh i forgot... what about the schecter C-1 hellraiser with floyd rose any good? ( same questions as above)
The hellraiser FR has an OFR so tuning stability shouldn't be a problem.
I've tried the schecter necks and they're thicker than Jackson necks.

Comparing the specs; mahogany vs alder, both EMGs, OFR vs Jackson LFR. As much as I love jacksons, I'd go with the Hellraiser on this one. But that's not considering the price difference. I don't know how much each of them are going to cost for you.

In the end, it all comes down to preference and price so go try them both out and decide.
i know, its a $150 price differance. but i might be worth it i will have to try it out.
thanks everyone.
The Jackson licensed trems are brilliant, imo. On the other hand, you might just wanna stretch to get an OFR, play 'em like you said, but I've never experienced a major problem with my Jackson.

I also don't have any experience playing Schecters, so I can't be of assistance with the choice!
yep you shouldnt worry about the quality of the floyd rose on the jackson, never goes out of tune and takes much abuse

but yer try them both out because an OFR would probably be better so you just have to weigh up the rest of the pros and cons of the 2 guitars
Is it possible for you to try them out in store? They have completely different neck dimensions and hence a different feel. I personally despise the feel of the Schecter neck, it's too thick and has a finished feel which I dislike. Jackson necks tend to be more of a light satin finish which I prefer and the neck is nowhere near 'baseball bat' like as the Schecter's.

On the other hand, I bet the Jackson will be ungodly bright due to alder + EMG combo, which might not be your sorta thing. The Schecter will be much versatile due to the extra coil tap available and more even tonally due to the mahogany body.

Just another thing to mention, I believe Jackson trems are direct swaps for an OFR which is a great bonus, and Jackson guitars are made in Japan as opposed to Schecter's Korean craftmanship.
yeah the GC i whent to did not have the hellraiser in stock when i whent to sheck out the jackson 2 days ago. but the brightness i can live with. i can tweek the eq to offsett the brightness a little.

and bout the jacksons fr will they crap out on me after a little while?
and would the the neck on the shecter be like the neck on let say a lespaul they got the finish on the neck and are pretty hefty.