i have 200 bucks right now and i dont know what to buy. i know i want to eventually get a tube amp but i was thinking about getting a boss me-20 now and saving up for a amp later. i play classic rock and blues and am looking for a slashlike tone and a jimmy page like tone. right now i'm playing a squier strat through a spider III
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if it was me...........i'd keep saving for an amp.

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and sell the spider when you get close to having the money to the amp
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and sell the spider when you get close to having the money to the amp

+1 Sell the Spider, and get yourself a better amp.
didnt you allready make this thread?


if $200 is burning a hole in your pocket, youre not going to get very far in life.

learn to save up.

for classic rock you hardly NEED any FX, maybe wah, and OD. what you really really need is a nice overdriven VALVE AMP

so save another $100 and get a crate V18

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