Sorry to ask..but are Seymour Duncan pickups better than Burstbuckers in a sense of flexibility and tone..? Price doesn't matter..
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I think the Seymour Duncan '59 is a great pickup for a great price. I like them more than the burstbuckers to be honest, but yeah, if you have the money and really want a great PAF voiced pickup, just go boutique. Check out WCR, WB, Wolftone, Bareknuckle if you live in the UK.
assuming you mean the ones stock in your gibson, if you ask me a duncan isn't much of an upgrade (if it's even an upgrade at all), unless you're trying to get a completely different tone. i'd bite the bullet and save for handwound pickups.

if you're just asking about buying retrofit pickups, then i agree with the others- they're no better than duncans, for more money.
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What amp you got? And tbh, Rockmonkey beats them both on quality and price.
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