Who's seen this funny-ass movie? It's a few years old, but it's hilarious.

For those who haven't seen it, check it out.

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It's decent, about what I'd expect from Mike Judge, wasn't rib-cracking though.
yes it was mediocre.
When I heard about the script I was wow, but I saw the movie and I wasn't blown away. Still good though
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I love how they put Hospital up crooked on the side of the building. XD
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its not that funny, its ok. i think its kinda sad though because they may not be all that far off from how the world is going to turn out
I felt like I had wasted an hour of my life downloading this movie. Funny thing, the only people I knew that laughed at this movie were people who were not so bright themselves...
Class premise, disappointing movie
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Class premise, disappointing movie

Basically. I thought it was pretty good, though.
It was a bit disappointing, but it definitely wasn't horrible.
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you haters need to go through rehab.

sorry that was too harsh. epic satire.
It kind of depressed me on how possible it seems.

I also watched it during the school year and decided to watch it as opposed to sleeping.

/fun fact
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it was stupid
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great idea, but the movie was like a B-
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meh it was an average movie...should of game it to the scary move guys...or southpark guys theywould of made sutin better with tht idea

maye the futurama/family guy guys aswell they'd have a field day with that script
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i expected more from mike judge... hell he directed office space, and made beavis n butthead
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