Could anyone please help me, what is the correct way to change your strings on an Electric Guitar, im new 2 this, my fingers hurt, ive been told so much crap, I dont know where 2 start. Chords anything, please help.
Im getting pissed off with sites trying to take mymoney for an email lesson???

Respect 2 all who try.

your fingers will hurt untill you develop hard skin on them, just takes time (and if that's the only reason for wanitng to change, they probabaly don't need to be changed at all lol)
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I asked how to change the string Q as evertime I pick it up Ihave to tune it and a certain rip off site that I paid good money for advice, told me 2 change the strings??
Just wanna learn, but not ripped off, Email me for a good just picked the guitar up and learn it course....

Im ready 2 headbutt the window man!!

Isn't there a restringing thread stickied at the top of this forum?
EDIT: Whoops. thought this was in Guitar & Bass Basics. But seriously take this to guitar and bass basics.
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