You know those threads we have in the Bands & Artists forum called recommendation threads? Try reading them.
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I heard Search by Bar is a good song, you should check it out.
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If loving ham makes me gay, I'm Rob Halford.

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MyNameIsLame just nailed it (actually both his statements did some nailing).

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This is honestly the best first post I've ever seen

^^ Directed at me. E-peen wankery sigs ftw.

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we can't recommend anything unless you tell us what kind of music you like. Check out Pandora.com if you don't like the responses you get in this thread.
Elemeno P
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I couldn't do it [masturbate] with the cast on however. That's when I dug out my baby sister's stuffed animals and went to town

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Is it bad that I imagined you saying that in a really sexy voice?
Sigur Ros.


Streetlight Manifesto.

I'm really into these bands at the moment.


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I was much too far out all my life
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I heard Search by Bar is a good song, you should check it out.

sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
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john frusciante. not a band. but who cares
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Sigur Ros, Gutted With Broken Glass, Anal ****, Explosions in the Sky, Regina Spektor
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