well I just got my Schecter C-1 fr last night, but i was at a concert so i didn't bother with it when i came home except to open the box. So now it's the next day and I was going to set it up and all, so my first thing to do was to take the plate off the springs. So i unscrew the screws, and it doesn't come out. I start trying to see if i can pull it out, nothing.

Any suggestion's?
use a flat screwdriver or hobby knife to gently pry it open

*or, you can use the same screwdriver and pry it open by one of the screwdriver holes, so you won't risk scratching the body
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Until your tuned up to pitch and have done basic setup stuff I don't think you need to start playing with the tremolo spring tensions yet! They'll change somewhat during setup anyway and still need readjusting later on.
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