Hey, I'm interested in Ibanez' XPT707FX, during my quest to find a seven string...I'm kinda torn between either purchasing a cheaper model, (an rg7321 for example) or going the whole hog and getting something really decent.

By the look of reviews and specs, the XPT707FX actually looks exactly what I'm looking for in terms of a guitar (Would be a great guitar as the 6-string version too), but I want to get a seven.


This will be my first seven. But money is a little tight. I can afford the X, but will be a bit worse off in the coming months, let's say. On the other hand, I could pick up a second hand rg7321 for about £200.

Which brings me to my other issue - I've never seen an XPT707FX for sale in the UK, nor on any UK based websites, making me believe they're rare over here, or just rare in general? Underproduced, undersold? I don't know. If anyone could locate one for me, in the UK, I'd be grateful (I play before I buy! )

Oh yeah. Option #3, there's a Dean Avalanche 7 sitting in a pawn shop near me, for £130. It could do with some work, there's plenty of dings, and the fretboard is as dry as a corpse. But it's so cheap - any word on whether the Avalanche is reliable? I'm even thinking I could take it for closer to £100, since it's been there so long, they seem like they wanna get rid of it (They offered it to me for £130 down from £190)

If anyone could tackle any of those issues, I'd be very grateful!

Honestly, the Xiphos is a great guitar, if you can i would go for that over the 7321 UNLESS you intend on modding the 7321 to hell.
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I know you said you play before you buy, but you also said you couldnt find one on a UK based website -

And sorry i cant help you with any of the others, im about to get mmy first 7-string as well, and im going for the RG7321.

Yeah, sorry. I did actually find it on GAK online, but I can't find it in any shops. Hmm.
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ltd viper 407? active emg's and for around the same price

Again, I have the problem of suppliers in my area - I have seen one ESP guitar in my area, for sale, the whole time I've been here, and that was a hetfield sig. So yeah...:/

Anyone have any word on that Dean Avalanche, btw?