Build one. Wouldn't cost you most than £230.

I like them. I'm building one. Won't cost me more than £230..
I used to own a Jackson/Charvel years ago which I bought in Baltimore for around $400.00 USD. IT was prety nice but I ended up not liking the "metal style HW" (ie locking nut, Floyd Rose tremolo etc). But that's just my preference.
Moving on.....
Medial to high quality guitars. Very fast action; I usually associate them with '80s rock and metal.

If I were into that, a Charvel would be one of the first things I'd go for.
From looking at their youtube channel's videos to me they look and sound awsome.
I like their new USA line. I forget which one it was, but it had a floyd and DiMarzio Tonezone in the bridge and an Evolution in the neck. Isn't the Evolution Steve Vai's pickup?
I actually have an '89 Model 4 I'm getting rid of. It's a good guitar, but I bought it for an investment (which is about to pay off).
The body style is a little big for me (I'm short) but the neck is fantastic. I never had a problem with the locking trem - my guitar tech is an expert on these and taught me all I need to know.
But these new Charvels...uh uh. They're a far cry from what the old ones used to be...just like these so-called Kramers of today. The vintage Barettas piss on these things they're cranking out now. Unless you're getting a San Dimas Charvel, I'd say bleh.
there was a run on them at christmas 2007, where they sold off some of them for like £700

great guitars, but the frets were too small for my big hands
Top lel.
Charvels rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have one and Its lovely

hecka lovely

Now I just need to put it back together

EDIT: I got mine for slightly less than £200 I think, and It's an old one. So look around, you might find a good deal
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i got a model4 solid body 2 octave neck.floyd rose trem. and all jackson hardware .humbucker died after about 4 years .replaced with emg.i wolud not buy another brand of guitar.in fact i have made plans to be buried with mine. its a personal opinion but they are hard to beat.
Quote by Les Paul Ell
Build one. Wouldn't cost you most than £230.

I like them. I'm building one. Won't cost me more than £230..

When you say "build one," do you mean to buy individual pieces and stick them all together? (Sorry if that sounds like a stupid question...)

Perhaps a better question might be: where would you buy the parts?