I just bought Dream Theater's scenes from a memory but the song order is all screwed up. I tried just moving them around into the right order but after plugging my ipod in the songs still aren't like they should be. Any ideas?
You have to right click on the song, click on Get Info. Then click the Info tab, then change the track order.
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right click them, hit info or properties or whatever. there should be a section called song order. put like 1 out of 12 or however many songs there are. do the same for 2 3 4 5.. ect.
on a Mac, dont know if its the same on a PC.
If you click the header for the left most collumn that has numbers in it.
You can then drag/drop the order.
if you have any of the other collumn headers selected, like sorting by album title, it doesnt work.