Well, I decided I'd like to get a 5 string bass. This will be my second bass, and I play mostly metal. I went to some stores today, tried some stuff out, and I'd like to know what people's opinions are.

Ibanez BTB455 - used - $300 - This is one I found on Craigslist, person who owns it lives about an hour from me. I played a BTB555, sound was good, and it was the most comfortable for me, but it's a bit more than I'm looking to spend (even though I know I'll be getting a good deal on it, they retail for $650).

Ibanez SR305 - used - $270 - I played one of these in a store. I liked the sound a lot, but the string spacing was tighter than I would have liked. The one in the store was new for $350, I found this one used on ebay.

Squire J Bass - new - $200 - This has 2 major advantages, it's the cheapest one, and like the BTB it has nice string spacing. Unfortunately, the sound leaves something to be desired, and I'm not thrilled with the look of it.

ESP LTD B-55 - new - $240 - This one is sort of my middle ground all around. Price is ok, sound was good but not the best, and it wasn't as comfortable to play as the BTB or the Squire but not that bad either.

So, given this information, what does UG recommend?
First of all I recommend against EVER buying a bass without having played it first-hand. Even if its a model that you've played before. Always play the exact bass you're looking at before you buy.

(Also Squier. My OCD is going to be the end of me one of these days)

Anyways, solely off of what you've told us, I'd say you should at least show up and check out the BTB and see how it handles. If you like it, it's not exactly leaps and bounds ahead of the others in price range.
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I recommend against buying via online since you won't be playing the exact guitar you're going to get. Also give the Ibanez GSR-205 a try, I really love mine.
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ebays an option. i got my shecter custom-5 on ebay for 430 bucks!.

theres alot of good cheap basses on there.
i say ask the person if you can play the BTB before buying it and then if you like it buy it
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