I just succesfuly scalloped the maple neck on my Ibanez Roadstar II (1985 if you're wondering).
I went for full scallops on all the frets and it took me one solid day to complete.
I only had 2 files. One was the size of a pencil and the other - a thumb.
Needless to say that made the work even harder.

It was easy as hell to finish all of the high frets using only the small file but after that , **** became intense.
The hardest were frets 1 through 5 cause they are so damn ****ing wide.
All of the fret dots under the 12th fret disapeared but I couldn't be arsed to get new ones.
Looks pretty nice and smooth tho.
The playability is amazing and if you're having problems with playing in tune , you should seriously chill out and stop pressing down so hard , you're most likely playing with alot of tension. I didn't have problems with that it's just the sight of floating fingers that makes it look and feel kinda weird.
It feels like playing a guitar that is tuned down to drop B.
The bends and vibrato are easy as **** + you have perfect grip on the strings.
Highly recomended mod.

After shaping the scallops I sanded the ****er down and oiled it .
Here's the finished product:

Notice the advanced strap locking system...

It's hard to hold the guitar without sticking my face in .
(I'm using a built in camera)

I'm not kidding just look at the weird angle of my hand.

A closeup for those extra-kinky folks.
(notice the pinky )

Here's the slightly uneven low-fret area. Took ages to scallop.

This was my first ever attempt at scalloping and I'm definatly proud of it, especialy after the hours I put in it.

It's not perfect but I'm just happy it didn't end up looking like this one :

Poor guy haha
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Yeah it did get kinda out of control on the lower frets .
I just didn't really know how to scallope them at first but I figured it out as I came along.
Was kinda too late though.
I don't mind it though , I like using the deep scallops for playing crzy easter stuff.


Yes I have.
I wrote that in the first post
That looks awesome, have you had to alter the truss rod at all? Didnt know wether you might coz of all the material you've removed.
Nope , It kept it's shape well.
I did have to raise the action cause I unintentionaly sanded the nut down a bit while working on the first fret.
Haha no-idea.
I found that picture on the internet.
Looks like the guy scooped it out with a spooon or something.
^^NP dude.

WOW . I just played with it for a couple of hours and I'm blown away.
It's just so damn easy to play I really love it.
My tone has greatly improved too.
Should be the opposite but it does sound much nicer.

1.The high frets should be scalloped more than the low ones.
I messed up and scalloped the low frets just liek the high ones.
Turned out way to deep and ****ed up the inlays
2. Get atleast 3 different files. I worked with one just as big as the 19th fret space and one as big as the 9th fret. Needless to say , it was pretty limiting.
3.Start with the low frets because it's nicer to finish with the easy stuff.
I got really frustrated when I got to the 12th fret-1st fret area.

PS. I hate laquered necks/fretboards , ain't gonna do that son.
looks cool, but your action looks stupidly high

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youre going to get gang-green on your neck. and it doesnt sand out either.

huh i dont get it, i think my tele fingerboard didnt have any finish on it and didnt get it :S

can you explain more please lp?
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Quote by LP Addict
youre going to get gang-green on your neck. and it doesnt sand out either.

The action's pretty low on it.
I guess it's the scallops that make it look high