Pretty decent, Like how the rhythm changes a bit, Now for the other guitars, Let them do some wicked stuff like tab,sweep w/e you like to do, Looking forward to this one.
It's pretty decent, just a few things:

I think the harmony interlude would sound better harmonized in thirds or something. Octaves just sound kind of....dull if you know what I mean.

The acoustic progression is the same one used in Metallica's Call of Ktulu and Megadeth's Hangar 18. I don't know if that's a problem legally, but it makes you look like a rip off in this case. I know progressions are used and recycled, but this is such a recognizable one that it'd be like ripping off something like Smoke on the Water.

Other than that, I think it's pretty decent.
Like someone said about already the progression is the same as The Call of Ktulu and Hangar 18, which you were probably aware of but you might want to change that to make it more original. The leads were slightly boring with not too much going on, and the harmony is a bit boring, well more dull like someone said above rather than boring, harmonize it in something else and that would fix that. Decent though overall.
Yeah pretty decent overall.

Good riffs throughout.

I don't care for the time changes much though, they make the song feel a little awkward.

There's also this weird pause in the harmony part right after the 16th notes where you tie an extra 16th on. I just don't like it.

Like others have said, the acoustic part is basically call of ktulu and Hanger 18. Nothing wrong with using the same chord progression, as it's not an uncommon progression but following the same arpeggio pattern is a bit much. Maybe experiment with inversions of the same chords?
thats acoustic bit sounds really similar to a peice of Pink Floyds "The Wall"