I'm entering into college majoring in classical guitar in about 2 weeks, and my family recently told me that they're willing to purchase a new classical guitar for me. As excited as I am, there's one problem: I recently discovered the Cordoba Pro-R, which has a great reputation from pros and amateurs alike and which I've been eyeballing for quite some time, appears to be discontinued. Although I could just opt to get a much more pricey guitar, I really don't want to overload my family with the bill. I'd rather keep it on the cheaper side, sort of like the Pro-R, but still keep the great quality.

So I suppose my question is, does anyone know of a place where I may be able to purchase this wonderful guitar? Everywhere I look it appears to be sold out or discontinued.
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wow. sweeeeeett deal. If you have a family behind you, I recommend hanging on for those 2 weeks and asking your college proffesor what he thinks, becuse they often have special hookups they can use to get you really nice guitars at a discount. He could probably turn you on to some luthiers who hand make really nice guitars that are much better than any of these mass produced ones. It would be really worth it to save up on your end too if you don't want to overload your family. a nice 2000$ handmade non big brand guitar would really be all you would ever need for a long time.

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Check this baby out and weep [one of the world's best classicals] and cheap at the price. Gotta love the included and outrageously expensive Pegasus case with hygrometer and thermometer included [close to a $1000 for the case].

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