So I'm in the middle of writing a "Romance" for classical guitar, and I'm not sure how I should structure it. I know that it should be in ternary form. I have a theme and some motifs that I plan to use. But I don't wanna call this piece a "Romance" and not have the proper structure. So... if anyone can tell me more about it, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

what exactly is a romance for classical guitar? Sorry i can't offer any advice.

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A Romance is not just for classical guitar, it's a description of a piece which is in ternary form (Minor-Major-Major), and is, well, romantic. It's just a descriptive name for a piece, like Caprice, Tocatta, etc. I was just wondering whether there were any other guidelines which I should follow besides keeping it in ternary form.

I suddenly remembered the Romanza. I hope I was adept as you are in terms of classical stuff.