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hey everybody. if you love vanhalen, name your favorites, and the ones you can play.
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I like the hager era myself. Better in my opinion. they experimented unlike with dave it was about sex and partying. That gets old after 2 or so albums. Im not saying I hate dave i like some of his stuff but other than that it doesent really appeal to me.

I can play Can't Stop Loving You, Beautiful Girls, Dance the Night Away, Right Now, Love Comes Walking In, Hot For Teacher and When Its Love.
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He's quite good... We'd all agree on that but you spelt Van Halen wrong twice in a row.

His solos can suck... like Runnin' with the devil... good but not that difficiult...

And eruption?? wow that song sucks...*

*For those idiots who didn't realise I was joking... I was joking.
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I can play Aint Talkin' bout Love and Panama, thats about it though Van Halen rocks though. my favourite songs would have to be Hot for teacher and Dance the Night away, along with the cover of You really got me ( i can play that one too!)
I like "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" and "Right Now" and that's about it I think. Never learned any Van Halen though.
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I can play Van Halen 1and 2 pretty much straight through. but my fav's to play are UNchained and Mean Street
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I can play Van Halen 1and 2 pretty much straight through. but my fav's to play are UNchained and Mean Street
sweet. mean streat is one of my all time favorites to play!
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sweet. mean streat is one of my all time favorites to play!

yeah guy the tapping in the beginning is so wicked
Van Halen Rocks! I Love them way better with Diamond Dave then Hagar. My fav songs they did are Unchained, Jump, Eruption, Mean Street, Dance the Night Away, and Panama.
van halen will always be on of my favs pretty much since he got me to play guitar. he hella bad mouthed jimmy page in a interview though and personally I think jimmy's a way better guitar player with alot more personality and vibe but to each his own. ohh and favorite song to play definitely hot for the teacher I just wish I had a really long table to play the solo on haha.
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I love the first 2 albums.

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I like Eruption, You Really Got Me, and Panama. Can play all of those songs
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I love some of Van Halen's stuff. Not a big fan of the Hagar era, though. David Lee Roth made that band complete in my opinion.
Hagar has a better sounding voice but it didnt fit Halens style and he didnt have the energy of Roth.

And also... Spanish Fly>>>>>>Eruption.
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And also... Spanish Fly>>>>>>Eruption.

+ a lot.
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hey i heard that somone took eruption and put it over some classical music song and it fit perfectly. i googled around for it and found nothing. anyone know where i can listen to this?
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is there a van halen thread somewhere, feels like there probably is, too lazy to actually search though
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yeah spanish fly kills eruption... and there are few ppl out there (at least less) who know it!
Van Halen is awesome... my favorite is "Running with the Devil"
[IMG][/IMG]<< thanxs Brianna!

i can play

aint talkin bout love
hot for teacher
romeo delight
big trouble (from the zero demos)
eddies LWAN solo
They create awesome music and I have still to hear a song of them that I flat out dislike. Besides it's create jogging to van halen, it's aural energy that fills your batteries!
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And eruption?? wow that song sucks...*

Personally, I find it incredibly boring, a really tedious song/solo to listen to.
Never heard of the guy. Is he a famous chef or something?
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Besides it's create jogging to van halen, it's aural energy that fills your batteries!

Yeah, nothing beats that....
Hot for teacher rulz!
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Eh, not my favorite. At all actually. I can only stand to listen to one song at a time.
Vocals are decent. Eddie's guitar playing, while exceptionally talented, seems so repetitive (i.e. he sticks to one style and doesn't branch out).
For the era and the decade, definitely a great band. But now, not so much.
van halen rules!
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Van Halen... Ahhhhh, the name conjures up some fond memories. I first saw Van Halen, Back in 78/79 on their VH II, tour in a little Collage arena, in Tacoma Washington. It was quite cool, being as it was such a smaller venue.
Oddly enough, I was first attracted to Van Halen by Alex Van Halen, as I played the drums, and back then, after a few bong hit's, would air drum the entire VH 1, song list, and then the VH II, song list, etc. etc. I soon became a full fledged Van Halen life-long fan. I liked both Sammy And Dave. I'm such a a dedicated fan I even tried to accept that yay-hoo singer from Van Halen III, Gary Cherone!! And although I never got passed his approach to singing with Van Halen (incessent screaming) I was able to admire Eddie's brilliance, and yet even more cool little rips and chops. (Check the slide work on the solo from, Ballot or the bullet... Way too cool!!) Some people don't even realize what a superb rythym player Eddie is. (My, but he's a busy little beaver on Dirty water dog, VH III) And the repretoire of great songs is endless. my favorites are...
Van Halen:
1. Eruption,
2. Aint talking 'bout love.
3. I'm the one. What a total ripper!!
4. Feel your love tonight. Classic in the pocket Ed. Fun song to play!!
5. On fire.

Van Halen II:
1. The solo on your no good... Crank it way up and tell me thats not cool!!
2. Somebody get me a Doctor. One of my all time favorites. The tone is second to none, and this baby burns from the first bar, to the ferocious meltdown guitar solo, all the way to the last note!! Turn it up loud, and you can feel the energy from the day, and get a good helping of the brown sound!!
3. Bottoms up. The vocals between Michael Anthony and David Lee, are signature Van Halen.
4. Light up the Sky. Another great solo!! Pan the balance Knob, back and forth and really isolate the solo from Eddies rythym track... Totally cool.
5. Spanish Fly... Nothing more needs to be said there.
6. Beautiful girls. Great Van Halen Riff.

Van Halen, Women and children first:
1. Fools. Tell me that doesnt sound big and bad.
2. Could this be magic. Great shift in sound and creativity.
3. Loss of control. Not every ones cup of tee, but I love it!! It burns from the first bar.
4. Cradle will rock. Never knew that was a piano making those killer sounds fr many years. Classic Eddie Van Halen genius.
5. Romeo delight. I liked the structure of this song and how it was arranged

Van Halen: Fair warning.
1. Mean street. The first time I played that album (yes, vinyl!) and the opening riff exploded out of the speaker after the wild intro, I knew this was going to be good!!

Obviously I'm a Van halen fan and this could go on and on, but you get the point. I would like to add something though... I noticed a posting where the guy was saying the solo on running with the devil was lame, eruption sucked, so on so-forth
and etc. I just want to say this...... Obviously you weren't around when the first Van Halen album came out, because in 1978, nobody, AND I MEAN NOBODY was doing the things Eddie Van Halen was doing!! The guitar world and the way we played was forever changed by his unique brilliance. His sound was to die for, and his guitar was home made out of a hodge podge of parts by Eddie himself!! If you weren't around back in those days, well I'm sorry, but you didn't get to enjoy the real Van Halen experiance, and dont really have any buisness formulating such lame reviews of one of the most influential guitarists to come around for some time!! Every "gigging guitarist's" playing today eventually pulls out a trick influenced, or ripped off from Eddie Van Halen. Theres not a whole lot of originality going on out there. Van Halen will always be an rock and roll icon... ALWAYS. Most players today come... and go... Everybody will remember Eddie Van Halen!! Thats a true legacy, and it's what seperates real genius from the ordinary. Can your favorite musician stand up to that?? Yeah, I didn't think so. Eddie Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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