Ok, so I'm mainly a guitar player, but I'm also a bass player. Thing is, my current bass amp is the one I started bass with, and while I know guitar amps inside-out, I'm clueless as to bass amps. My current amp is very bad and I would like everyone's opinion on a new amp.

My styles are jazz, funk, progressive, and celtic punk
and this is my current bass: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Spector-Legend4-Custom-Bass?sku=513824
my budget is $400-500 USD
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My Gear:
PRS Custom 24
Standard MIM Tele
Larrivée LV-09E
Rivera Clubster 45 112 Combo Tube
Boss ME-20 Multi-effects pedal
Boss OC-3 Super octave pedal
My own home-made octave-up pedal
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go peavey or ashdown and you wont be dissapointed in terms of sound and reliability.

I cant say im too familiar with celtic punk :S
what pray-tell is celtic punk?

and try SWR altho they may be out of your range
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I have an Ashdown MAG C115 combo, I love the thing to death. I recommend it.
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