Friends dad.
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A local venue messeged my myspace of acoustic music asking basically if I'd be their last resort for an opening act to some emo band :/
Not the coolest story but it actually wasnt too bad.
I breathe air.
it would've been a talent show. i had just been playing guitar for around 5 months and my friends thought i'd **** up horribly so they kicked me out of the "band". nowadays i'm way better than them and they've lost interest or have become posers.
Define a "real" gig.
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My high school was holding a concert with multiple bands playing and the music teacher let us play a few songs.
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Define a "real" gig.


On topic, our former music-teacher got us a spot in some "Raise money to children in Africa" consert or w/e. We played, we rocked, we got owned by the band after us.
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after playing an open mic night at a bar, the host asked us to open for his band on saturday. or you could call the 20 min open mic set we did our "first" but it was short and more or less an open mic at a bar.
Our lead guitarist's mother got us a charity gig. It was fun, but we weren't the headliners - more like filler for said headliners during their break. Said headliners were gods on wheels, but we were awesome compared to a few other performers.
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I played my first gig at some wedding's afterparty and it was my first time playing in front of people. We rocked out but during the last song, the mic cut out , so we just kept jamming. I just want to play more and find some gigs to play just so I dont lose my nerve. u know . should i play at a bar or open
I just played my first real gig at the sweet corn festival in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It went really well and we made $90 in tips! All we did was ask if we could play there.