I'm looking to buy a used Jackson SL1 Soloist. There is one guitar that has "bareknuckle pickup's installed", which the user said is a major upgrade.

How do these compare to Duncan? Is this guitar worth as much as an SL1 without the bareknuckles? He also says something about a holydiver bridge and a nailbomb neck.

I hear bareknucks are the ****.
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Bareknuckle pickups are amazing, some would argue they're better than Duncans. There are a lot of Bareknuckle fan boys around here.
I'd say its worth about the same as any other SL1.

Bareknuckles are incredible pickups and are quite expensive, so i'd say they are better than the duncans, depending on the tone you're after. That combo sounds pretty good for an SL1 though.

Wouldn't call it a 'major' upgrade though lol - more of just a pickup change. Definately don't pay much over the usual price thinking the pickups are fantastic though!
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Is this moreso designed for metal, or can I get some funk/blues tones out of it? (with the bareknuckle pickups I mean)
I'm also looking at the Jackson SL2H, and I can't make up my damn mind. I'm looking at a used one for about $1200, but I don't know if it will be good for a variety of sounds.

I love metal/hard rock, but sometimes I love to play blues/funk. I'd hate to get a guitar that only suits one style or the other, or to get a guitar that suits everything but only mediocrely.

Which model (the SL1 or the SL2H) would you recommend?
I hear it's about the HH vs. the HSS setup. Does that really matter? These are Duncans by the way.