ok, so i just gotmy exam results in, and my dad's giving me money towards an electro-acoustic.

I've found two guitars that i like, all looking nice etc. thing is, one is a slim body (not roundbacked, slim)

Like this

so, how well would the slimline guitar play unplugged?

should i just go for the "proper" sized guitar, or be different and get the slimline?
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The full sized will have a more rounded - full sound than the slim body. The slim body wont be as loud when my plugged in, but will be pretty similar once plugged in.
Well I have an Ashton acoustic, it's not as slim as that one in the pic, more like 3/4 but it's only marginally quieter and gives great harmonics*
*may be just the set up but I love it!

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cool, thanks guys - so, there shouldnt be too much alteration in sound then?

i mean, when playing live it'll be plugged in, so its really just for in the house and some practises

also, would i be able to run it through my electric amp, or wud it be better through the bass?
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Gotta say the full size is going to have a fuller sound unplugged as there is more room in the cavity to resonate.
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Unplugged, there will be a large difference in tone and volume. The superslim bodied guitar won't sound like a proper acoustic at all unplugged.

If you want acoustic sound, go for a real acoustic guitar.
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how different will it sound unplugged then?

compare it to something for me...clearly it'll be quieter....will there be much difference between it and an unplugged electric when its unplugged

and will it sound accoustic plugged in?
the same as most electro-acoustics?
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I will sound about half way between an un-plugged electric and a full acoustic. Those super slims are mainly for playing plugged in and for quite practice unplugged. A third of the thickness, about a third of the sound of a proper acoustic I guess.