So I'm working on a certain... project, and i am in need of two pieces of art (with no specific guidelines) that i can use to represent two disks. The themes for each disk (don't ask) are as follows:

one disk will be titled "scenes from the banning." any picture you'd like to make that illustrates some sort of suffering, or relates to a mod punishing someone would be great. go crazy with your artistic sides.

the other disk is titled "the remorse of eternity." THIS one can illustrate any sort of sadness or remorse. Picture a naked man crouched inside a dark cave crying or something.

The artwork doesn't necessarily need to contain the title of the disk it represents, since we can add it later.

We would GREATLY appreciate any contributions we can get, and whoever ends up giving us the art that we use will be credited on the album.

(consider this the alternative to a long, drawn out competition thread. If this ends up with nothing but people randomly spouting out ideas, we probably won't get very far, so i'd hope everyone would try their hands at creating some art.)
i'm thinking more of something you'd make on your computer. hell, it could be made in MS paint as long as it doesn't look like a cartoon.