got an Ibanez grg170x and going to change strings for the first time, but i dunno what thickness the strings got. i tried to put on some 010 strings but the bridge went too much up so it got impossible tune right. Tried with a some 009 but they feel kinda slack compared to the old ones. Whats up with the factory strings?
If the strings were still on from the factory, they were most likely 010's. If your guitar is going crazy on you when you put a new set of strings on it, you probably just need to set it back up. How long has the factory set been on it?
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first of all what type of music do you play. any bridge settings and different overall feeling doesnt have to do with strings (maybe a little but with a big change most likely not.)
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why don't you email Ibanez and ask them? it will save you some trouble.
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