I'm looking into buying a new guitar, and lately i've been getting into a lot of cleaner music, so i wanted something that would go well for that.
I've looked at telecasters and strats, i like the feel of them, and i like the single coil sound, but i like the sound from humbuckers also.

So, i was thinking about something coil tappable/splittable.. i like the feel of tele's and strats, but not so much the feel of les pauls.

Lately its been alot of Radiohead and Tool and stuff like that, and i go through phases alot, so something versatile is what i need.. so i really need help. I like the really clean, warm stuff, but i'd like to be able to get something like Tool, so something with humbuckers sounds a bit better..

I have a tight budget, under 900 maybe.. i'd like to keep it under 600, but i dont know if thats very possible.

I'm just reeally confused at the moment, any help will be appreciated.

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i say get a 72 thinline or deluxe tele and coil tap it, and maybe look into the seymour duncan phat cat pickup
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