For the past couple of months, whenever I picked up a guitar, 90% of the time I spent playing was original music. Unfortunately, the creative well has somewhat dried for a bit and has made playing a bit... boring.
I used to be able to practice for hours, now I can barely practice for thirty minutes at a time. Don't get me wrong, I love the guitar and am into it more than ever (quite the oxymoron...) but I feel that I would like to learn some new, refreshing stuff, something that I can just sit down and play without having to worry about making sure everything is musically in key or whatever.

I like to play fast, thrashy metal and progressive metal, with shreddy solos. I'm thinking either The Gargoyle (Paul Gilbert) or Apocalyptic City (Testament), but suggestions would be great.
Do you typically play "rock" music?

You could listen to some music that's more... out there to change things up.
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