Song Creation! (PLEASE read)
Hmm...so yea... i've got this group, and HOPEFULLY i can make it huge!

so what i want everyone who reads this to do, is PLEASE check out my profile/Groups, and hell, read the threads, see what its about, this should help a lot with the people who's new and that dont know all this stuff about how to do palm muting and stuff... SO


*aye im new at this "Find the place you're supposed to go to make a thread like this or get reported" Psh dude, since im new, im not going to know, so you can say reported all you want, but instead please just redirect me to where i need to go. and PLEASE check out my profile/Groups thanks
What? song creation? go to promote your band if thats what you are doing. Go to riffs and recordings if your simply promoting self recorded pieces, bits, etc. Its not that hard to look through the sections of the forum.

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Dude, wtf...its easy to find where this goes, if your new or not :|

my advice is to just gtfo.
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It shows your join date so saying you're new isn't really an excuse. Also I don't know where this would go in the forums but there is probably a lesson about it already. If there isn't it should be a lesson.
Go to the "Promote YOUR Band" forum, it belongs there. I'll have this one closed so just go ahead and make a new one.


Nothing else is necessary, this whole thread could have been solved with one post.
I don't think this would go in "Promote Your Band", because, as far as I can tell, he isn't promoting a band

Threadstarter: I don't think we need a thread to promote your group. If you want to promote your group, put a link in your signature.

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