try slither by velvet revolver got a good solo in it and maybe master of puppets y metallica? or stairway or even sweet child o' mine yes noob songs but what the hell they're awesome
welcome home by coheed and cambria but if ur allergic to horrible singing than try to find an instrumental version
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Ants of the Sky BTBAM

....Dickishness aside, you like Led Zep at all? I just learned The Ocean for kicks, and it's pretty easy/fun. Also maybe some Bon Jovi stuff, like You Give Love A Bad Name. It's a little hard, but not very. Master's Apprentices by Opeth has one of the easiest metal intros, too, if you like them.
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Black Dog by Led Zeppelin.

Others I can think of, Izabella by Jimi Hendrix (the tab on here is just the bass for guitar, not so you may need to search a bit), Louisiana Bob by Maximum the Hormone (this is such an awesome band), and Tornado of Souls by Megadeth (besides the solo, Friedman is ****ing insane).

I may bring more later.
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Rush - Tom Sawyer

It'll learn you about time signatures, young-un.
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