I'm interested in either the SL1 or the SL2H. I've been hearing a lot of crap about the Humbucker Humbucker setup of the SL2H, and the Humbucker Single coil Single coil setup of the SL1.

I've been told that the HH setup is more geared for rock/metal, while the HSS is more versatile. However, how much of a difference can/does it really make? Can I play blues/funk/clean **** on the HH setup of the SL2H, or is that just out of the question?

The reason being is because I'm looking at a cheap SL1, but perhaps want the rock/metal capability of the SL2H with it's HH ****.


You can play anything on any guitar.
I have an SL2H, and it's fantastic, but to be completely honest if I didn't have my Strat for single-coil tones, I'd prefer an HSS setup. A bridge humbucker can cover pretty much any eventuality, so if you think you want to play clean, funky stuff A LOT, go for the SL1. If it's just a small part of your playing, or if you have other guitars that DO have single coils, get the SL2H.