Just wondering, and I'm not even completely sure this is the right section, but is there any program that can filter an audio input (my guitar) to be distorted, so I can use it as an amp?

Edit: (Addition) I already have the converter from guitar cable to microphone jack. It plays through the speakers like a charm, but I can't practice confidently without my strong distortion for heavy metal.

i.e. Goldwave, Audacity

will any of those filter it REAL-TIME?
I'm a constant traveler, and guitar player. To tote around an acoustic is a pain, and toting an amp might be worse. However, most places I go there's a computer (mom's, dad's, grandmother's, friend's). It would be tons easier if I could just use their computer as an amp.

Thank you
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Some sucky Crate amp.

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the first 2 that come to mind, you'll need an interface though but I think you can get one with them.

plugging straight into the PC won't get good results
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Peavey just came out with the Revalver software. It's got amp modeling of all of Peavey's amps currently in production, plus models based off the Marshall JCM900, Mesa Dual Rectifier, Vox AC30, and more. It's about $70, but there's an upgraded version for $250
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if put through good quality hi-fi speakers, you can get amazing tone out of it since it offers amp models etc
So youre looking to add distortion to your signal? Well theres these things called "effect pedals" that you can plug your guitar into and run the signal out with added distortion. Believe it or not theres actually hundreds of different kinds of these little guys available at certain stores (i.e. guitar stores) if you know where to look. Glad I could help with such a tough one.