I dont know if this has already bgeen done but what would you say is the best Kenny (South Park) death.
Post a video if you can find one
The one where he poses as Blanket, and then Michael Jackson (Mr. Jefferson) is all over him and throws him in the ceiling. No one knew it waas Kenny. That and the Fonics Monkey death.

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the time when he dies for good.
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i thought it was hilarious when timmy gave jimmy kenny's coat, and all hell broke loose, and asteroids hit and buildings fell over and a space ship crashes, but jimmy didn't die. hilarious!

but but besides that... the one when kenny gets picked up by the griffin...and no one even blinks.
The one where he gets cut in half with a chainsaw after being zombified.
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The one where they kill Kenny and it's totally original!!!

Oh wait...

South Park is boring.


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