just curious,..i have been listening to some clips and some of them have pretty good sound quality,...
I use a 4 track cassette recorder. Analog, and I have no way of making it digital. Pretty tr00 IMO.
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
Toneport UX1 going into Ableton Live with Guitar Rig 3 and Voxengo Boogex. Hard to get a good sound out of but once you manage to get it it sounds amazing.
Tascam us-428 with cubase le
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i use the M-Audio fast track pro with garage band for my mac and my toneport UX2 with ableton for my pc setup

oh ya im running the mac stuff on a macbook and it works amazing trying to get a m-powered pro tools setup soon
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Boss BR1600 "studio in a box" type of recorder. Mackie 1642-VLZ Pro rackmount mixer, mostly for mic pre's and monitor sends. Eight channels of rackmount compressor/limiters/noise gates (usually only use when recording drums). A 24 position patch bay for patching mixer channels to compressor channels to recorder input channels, whatever. An assortment of mics; Shure SM57's, AKG D790's, Sennheiser E835's, Shure SM81-LC's, and an AKG C3000B for vocals. A four channel rackmount headphone amp and a bucket of AGK K240 headphones. Lots of assorted cables, mic stands, and other sundry stuff.

EDIT: Almost forgot - a Shure Beta 52 bass mic. Great for kickdrums and bass cabs.

I keep a laptop on the keyboard shelf under the recorder. Useful when I need to sync a MIDI sequencer to the recorder, or suck tracks out of it using the USB port.