I took guitar lessons for two years, about 5-6 years ago, and taking them again.

Having a meeting with my teacher Tuesday, want to talk to him about some of the stuff I want to learn.

I like learning by tabs a lot though.

What should I be prepared for?
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Really just ask your teacher what styles they play the most because they are usually the best at teaching those. Also make sure you know what you want to learn at lessons or at least have an idea.
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I like learning by tabs a lot though.

What should I be prepared for?

not learning from tabs

be prepared for him to experiment on you and see where you're at for the first lesson or two.
A lot of teachers don't like to teach their students from tabs. if I gave a student a song to go home and learn for next week and it was a tab, he wouldn't know what it was supposed to sound like at all and therefore wouldn't learn the song.
be prepared for a lecture about how you need to be able to site read notes and note numbers.
not every note goes for the same amount of time. numbers on six lines can't tell you this.
What should you be prepared for? You'd be better asking the teacher this not total strangers, He'll have abetter idea of his style of teaching as opposed to people who have no idea who he is.

A good teacher will outline their methods and aims for you as well ascertaining your aims for yourself so as to combine the two.
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I like learning by tabs a lot though.

What should I be prepared for?
Personally I think a teacher who will only teach you songs through tabs is a waste of space. Lets face, due to the wonders of internetz and the nice people of UG (please dont ban me again), we can teach ourselves songs by using tabs.

A good teacher will teach you technique, hopefully some improvisation, a little theory and maybe some information about getting signed and gigging (mine did).
Thank you.

The comment above, is exactly what I want to learn. The lessons are only half an hour, and I don't want the whole lessons to be focused on reading music. I want to learn more about scales, techniques, terms and various styles of guitar play and how to use your amp to the full extent and stuff.

The gig tips would be awesome too.
you should be prepared to practise regularly, as he will stretch you if he knows what he's doing: that way you get used to playing harder stuff, so when you retutn to anything you have personally been learning that is easier, you will find it more natural, and less hard work than whatever mad exercises you'd beeen shown.
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