Well, my main question as obviously stated in the title. I was wondering if a bigsby tremolo could/would work on my BC Rich Bich, I'd like to have a tremolo on her but the body isn't routed and I don't wanna pay an assload of dough along with a high risk of murdering my guitar to get a floyd rose or a Kahler in there.

All the Les Pauls, SG's and Any Hollow Body I've seen them on don't have routed bodies (obviously on the hollow bodies) so is routing unnescesary?

And last, is this idea crazy enough to work, or crazy that I should be in the asylum for thinknig such a thing?

Thanks in adnance
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I have the same guitar you have and I was wondering the same thing at one time. I took it to the shop and the guy said basically it was not worth it all, it would cost more then the guitar itself to actually install.
The cost of the tremolo and the routing and installation would probably run you upwards of $300, and for that I would just buy another guitar.

Edit: It would need to be routed to get in there, if you have the same model as I do.
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I don't think the odd shape of that guitar can support a Bigsby.

Assuming this is what you're talking about:
I don't think its even possibly due to the shape of the Bich...

You can get flat mount tremolo systems, but I can't remember the name...

And anyhow, a Bigsby doesn't hold tune too well, and would be useless for what you want to do i'm sure - anything more than vibrato, and a Bigsby will be out of tune...
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you do know that a bigsby is more of a vibrato. I think it might look a little ugly
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my advice: dont do it... it simply work the way you thought... plus the odd body contour will make it a bitch to install...

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You wont get the same effect out of Bigsby as you would a Floyd. Bigsby's were primarily designed to do steady, slight vibrato, and it does that nicely. Divebombs and other abusive whammy tricks will sound terrible and knock you out of tune.
you can get one of those tremolos found on the fender jagstang.
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Ah well, worth a shot.

Thanks anyway guys
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