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Something all cotton. There are actually polish cloths that you can buy, but an old cotton shirt will work just fine
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go to walmart or target and go to the automotive section.

they sell lint-free micro fiber cloths for dirt cheap - i think i got 6 large ones for $5.99. last forever.
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On topic, I +1 the Dunlop kit. Works well and comes with everything you need.
i use fender guitar polish and a fender cleaning and polishing cloth
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I picked up a cleaning kit made by lyon (washburn) at target, works great. and it was like 15 bucks, came with a nice cloth, string cleaner and guitar polish.
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To get finger prints off, I would go with some sort of fine threaded cloth.

And if you want to make it shiney and remove some scratches, go to the auto store and get the 3 step Maguire's Paint cleaner, Polish, and Wax and use that. I did that to my guitar, not only did it get a whole bunch of the scratches "off" but it made it super shiney and look like new.....except for the dents!
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I use a cleaner called Powerchord. google it, it works alright. My bottle is like 1/4 full after 2.5 or 3.5 years of use... something like that