Hi, My dad just turned me to his music and I made this thread to discuss him in all his glory. For those of you who dont know him LOOK HIM UP NOW! So let the discussion begin!

Here is some of his playing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnQTC5ICGik
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I have 6 and 12 String Guitar and the Kottke/Fahey/Lang split cd thing. He's an incredible player. I'm not sure if you know John Fahey yet or not, but you should check him out. He started a little earlier than Kottke and I believe Kottke was first released on Fahey's lable. Anyway, The Brain of the Purple Mountain is a near perfect song. I love it.
yea hes great. my memory isnt failing me i have a CD of him with mike gordon the bassist from phish and its a pretty damn good cd.
My mom has a CD of his..One guitar no vocals I think it's called. Some great songs on there. Definitely a talented man.
the cuervo gold / the fine columbian / make tonight a wonderful thing
kottke is awesome, my teacher loaned me his 6 and 12 string guitar cd, I love jack fig.
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Yeah all I've been playing is Leo Kottke. This man is a god among others. My favorite all time Kottke song is I Yell At Traffic. It's truly a challenge for a lot of guitar players, and it's a great tune on the 12-string. I strongly recommend you look that one up.
He's a great player, and one of my dad's biggest influences. One of my favorites is his version of Girl from the North Country Fair.
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I had heard of him, but never heard his music until last summer when I saw him live while I was waiting for the White Stripes to come on. I've gotta say, he's got some solid guitar work.
wish i was reading this thread 8 years ago lol. just picked up a guitar a few months ago and kottke is my inspiration. cannot get enough of this man. been teaching myself for a few months now and thinking about buying his leo kottke transcribed book even though its probably way too advanced for me atm