So recently I got a scholarship thats gonna pay for all my school and as a thank you my parents are giving me $350 to put towards my new guitar and I was really considering buying a Schecter C-1 Classic.

I fell in love with the guitar when I first saw and played it and I found one on craigs list used for about $500 and I'm really thinking about buying it. The thing is that I've been playing for a little less then a year now, but I am very devoted so I don't think investing in a new guitar will be a bad idea (still using my $99 squier strat) and I'm not to familiar with many guitar brands and such.

I've read nothing but good reviews and I'm thinking about getting it soon and I was wondering if you guys had any feedback at all about the C-1 Classic or Schecter guitars in general.

I like most type of music but I like 80-90's metal such as metallica and rock in general.

heres a link to it

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i play a schetcer damien

i love schecter i think they are great

they are especially good for heavier types of rock but handle any style very well
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its a great guitar. Check out the C-1+ as well or the tempest custom
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i absolutely love schecters guitars.

I have played the Griphon limited, the S1, Devil Custom, Schecter Synyster Custom, standard, and my white Synyster Custom custom shop. Every one of em is a damn fine instrument.

a lot of em are primarily for most rock and metal types, but they do also have a lot of models that are good for blues/rock/ funk, etc.

edit: anyway, the C1 is one of their more versatile models.
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Awesome I'm just trying to get as many opinions as possible so I make a bad choice, after all its like every guitar i play besides mine feels great haha.

Me and my guitar teacher are gonna go take a look at it on monday probably since we both don't work and if theres nothing wrong with that used one I think i'm gonna take it home!

thanks again guys I cant wait
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I've got the Hellraiser, my brother has the c-1 plus. Excellent guitars. The c-1 classic is supposed to be great also, but I've never played one personally. The c-1 plus and hellraiser are amazing though, main difference is the binding and the pickups. Do some research before you buy, as Schecters come with EMG's, Seymour Duncans, Duncan Designed, etc. But for what you play it should be great, only drawback is no case is included with any purchase.

Also, what really got my attention was that there was a no locking system option on most of their models. My schecter has a tone-pros (where as the one for $150 more has a floyd rose) and it stays in tune almost as well as my Dean with a floyd! My brothers guitar also stays in tune a ridiculously long time, and they handle lower tunings great. Just try a bunch of them out and find the one you like best.
i never picked up a schecter i didnt like, even their lowest end of guitars
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Yes! Buy it! He who hesitates is lost!
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I have a shecter hellraiser and it is amazing!
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i thought for a while the schecter was just the flavor of the month since it came loaded w/ goodies for a cheaper price. such as the set neck, and arched top. but i bought a scratch and dent schecter elite and dude it really is a nice axe. buy it. be happy
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I own a Schecter Omen But man I feel you the classic is sweet thinking of upgrading myself though I got mine for 60$ so yeah its the est guitar I have ever played on schecter is my favorite brand of guitar Hands down.
Also they are very like heavy they breath of quality, strong I can swing mine around by the neck like a bassball bat with no worrys what so ever its a beast.
I have a Tempest Extreme, and I wanna have sex with it and make half human, half guitar, all epic babies. It's pretty good for Metallica-type stuff.
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i've just bought a c1 elite, and it's amazing. only concern is the 'duncan designed' pickups, but your model comes with a JB and jazz set. BUY IT!