Hey, so I've been playing for around 3 years now, before rather casually but now a lot more frequently. Currently I use a Godin SD guitar 22 fret with the standard pick-ups and such, but I'm not too fond of the sound anymore. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a good guitar with a sort of skinny neck that's good for for stuff like Metallica and Van Halen and stuff like that. I use a 30 watt Orange Crush amp which has pretty good sound I think.
Anything with a price range of around $500-700 Canadian (sorry not sure what the transition is for American) would be great.
This is what I currently use, http://www.underdogmusiccompany.com/m15/Godin/p109/Godin-SD/product_info.html ,couldn't find sites with the specs though. Or if you think that I'm an idiot and that the Godin is a really good guitar and I should give it another chance, by all means, tell me that.
Anyway, thanks.
i'd say go with either a Jackson or an Ibanez for the thin neck thats good for playin that hard rock-metal stuff youre aiming for
theres quite a few guitars in your price range from both brands as well.
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It's all personal choice, I'd go to your nearest guitar store and try out every brand of guitar you can get your hands on until you find something you like .

But for what you want, your ideal brands would be Ibanez (my personal favourite :p, Schecter, Jackson, ESP/LTD.

Those are mainly metal guitars, but if you are looking more rock (I couldn't tell, you only listed two bands ) Gibson/Epiphone will be versitile to play some thrash stuff I guess.
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Okay, thanks for the replies guys. I was looking into an ESP guitar because they look sweet and its what Kirk Hammett uses, but I wasn't sure on the size of the neck. I think I'll do that, go around to music stores that is, some time soon. Yeah, sorry about that, some others I like are: Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rush, INXS, Alice In Chains, Finger Eleven, Motley Crue... just to name a few.
Anyway, thanks again for replying. Ciao for now.
it sounds like the sound you're looking for would be a fender. But the neck might not be slim enough, so i guess look at ibanez
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