Hey, I just finished recording a cover of this song.
It can be heard here.


I do know the tone is kinda bad, the rhythm wouldnt tighten up, which is most of the problem. The other part is that I'm recording with a Line 6 Spider II.

Tell me what you think, and i'll return the favor
You need to work on your timing. The leead part is off... But i liked how you did the intro

Feed my eyes, can you sew them shut?
Jesus christ, deny your maker
He who tries, will be wasted
Feed my eyes now youve sewn them shut
hmmm. i know i do need to work on my timing overall.
but thats how ive played the lead part since i learned the song, just sounded better to me.
so maybe its just a habit.
heyy dude, not bad

the only problem is ur timing

go back and re record it after some serious time with a metronome... or playing along to the song

but in all honesty, it was pretty good buddy

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Not bad, although I think the run in the solo sounds a little sloppy, along with the timing issue already mentioned. Practice makes perfect--perfect your practice.
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^ i actually play along and use a metronome.

but yes. i do need to work on timing. its always been a weakness of mine.
ever since i started playing PIANO when i was like 6 ive sucked at it.

the thing im not getting is,
i played all the rhythms the tab on the site showed.
so i dunno how the timing is off
might need a new tab then

but try listening along to the lead part really hard, and just working on getting the timing right

Sanity is not statistical
good point.
cant place all your faith in a tab can you.

EDIT: actually i just compared my recording with the original and it might just be because my aural skills are nonexistent but..

im not hearing the difference?
yeah, they tend to screw you over

by the way, unholy confessions wasnt bad, you started trailing behind a bit in the verse, but it was still pretty sweet

Sanity is not statistical
thanks about the avenged cover.
and idk...the most i can get, is on the chorus, the mini kind of run is a little slow, which means im holding the note before a little long. but thats all im getting for the whole song
the leads are pretty off dude

just try playing with a metronome, really the only wayy to improve timing

oh, btw, u might wanna try to improve your aural skills

Sanity is not statistical