I've grown up playing other people's guitars, just goofing around and pretending to know what I'm doing. I've just recently(two months ago) decided to actually start playing guitar. See, I'm a lefty but I only have access to right-handed guitars right now; the strings being righty too. Despite this setback, I've been able to learn the following:

(Intros/main riffs) tears in heaven, layla, sunshine of your love, blitzkreig bop, do you remember rock n roll radio, mother, carry on wayward son, house of the rising sun, dont fear the reaper, one, enter sandman, tangerine, blackdog, stairway, heartbreaker, moby dick, spiderman, ghostbusters, california(the OC), beat it, smooth criminal, snow(hey oh), californication, the middle, let it be, here comes the sun, day tripper, stand by me, story of my life, reptillia, frere jacques, twinkle twinkle, happy birthday, over the rainbow

Full songs: kiss me, misery business(unplugged), hideaway by Freddy King, almost lover, angel and some songs i wrote

I don't have any difficulty playing like this, but I've been told to switch the strings. Should I switch them and learn all over again or would it not hurt to continue?
take hendrix's torch and carry it on to the next lefty who doesnt have access to lefty guitars

btw, you should try doing both. you could be ambidextrious. Then you could be like Micheal Batio with that redicoulous little X of his.


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Lmao, his guitar's sick! A little weird though :P
I was thinking of switching cause my friends were nagging but I haven't had any trouble with it yet so i might just keep 'em righty. Or learn both, if I have the time. Thanks
Alot of leftys play right hand guitars, it's pretty normal.
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Yeah but the important part is that I play with my strings right-handed too. :P
well if you wanna get technical, sure. That's what I'm saying though.
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im sorry but you should just play right handed. you dont see people playing the sax with it to the left instead of the right, or a piano with the bass notes on the right side instead of the left. i know a bunch of people who are lefties and play right. thats just the way it was designed to be played. it feels wrong at first for right handed people too. i thought for sure it was suposed to go the other way to that my strong hand was fretting. imho, start playing right handed. it will make things easier.

but you probably wont want to switch so id say change the strings to make it like a left handed guitar. although you'd need to switch out the nut and change the intonation. and if you only have access to someone elses guitars, then i guess thats not an option. but if you get one of your own you could do that. its what hendrix did.

or you could stay your path. what you are doing has been done before by people like albert king. this will however limit your playing abilities. because in order to go up and down a scale requires you to do the opposite of how you would normally play. so you wont be able to go up and down and have the same flow as with the strings strung properly. chords would be a hassle as well. although you will still be able to do some cool things. im just saying it will limit you.
like Tuby said - play it however you want to. If it works for you, then great, do it!
There's no limits or rules to what you can't or can do in music.
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Quote by Smale
Yeah but the important part is that I play with my strings right-handed too. :P

One of Clapton's touring guitarists does that. Go for whatever works for you, dude.