Ok, so I purchased my Vox AC 30 about 2 months ago over Ebay. I was told it was not heavily used, but when I turn on my amp today, something inside of it made a slight buzzing sound and the power light slowly faded. Im guessing this means my amp needs new tubes? This is my first tube amp so I'm not sure if this is the problem or how to fix it. I wont try to fix it manually, but I am going to take it to my local guitar shop. I was wondering if someone could confirm what my problem was so I know what I'm getting into. Thanks.
Thats not normally a sign of needing new tubes.

Check the fuse in the back and see if its blown.

Also, is it one of the older Custom Classic ones? i know the old ones used to plow the Power Tranny because of the ****ty Rectifier tube they used in it.
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