The song is called Last Days Under a Dying Sun and you can find it in my profile. I ask that you listen and comment, especially on the quality of the mix as I've been struggling with getting the mix right in any of my recordings. Also be sure to leave a link to yours so I can crit you back
not bad vocals, the guitar could be turned up, the drums are really cool, the music is a bit heavy for my taste but I like it anyway, the guitar is good but should be louder and the vocals maybe a bit "cleaner" otherwise I like the leads the drums as said before Rock, the quality and mix are really good, what do you use to record??

crit mine?? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=920047
cymbols sound a bit loud imo

I like the growls very aggressive

nice chugging riffs

2:00 drums too loud

song need more leads

C4C?? -> In my profile "in pursuit of valor"
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Was that you doin' teh vocals?

That was awesome.

Don't bother with critiqueing mine. They're all covers. =(
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i'd critique the material, but i'm having some tough times hearing it. guitars are far too quiet and scoooooped. the drums need some amount of dynamic. i use drum machines as well, and if you experiment with the volumes on each drum hit, you ca get your blast beats to sound a bit more human and creative. I like to give mine a whooshing sound with different beat hi hats and making every 2nd snare hit just a bit lighter than the first.

vocals are loud and quiet at the same time. they manage to drown out most of the instruments in your song, but at the same time i can't REALLY hear what they're doing.

the drums sounds aren't too bad, but they need some eq'ing so that they can get a bit punch out of them, as well as give some room for your guitars and vocals to breathe.

also, when you're using a drum machine, its far too easy to get carried away with the tempo. sometimes if you slow it down just a touch.. it'll sound heavier due to the fact that the ears can distinguish just a bit better as to whats happening.

to end on a positive note, i gotta say i like your energy. its straight up balls to the wall heavy with no filler and metal needs more stuff like that

can't wait to hear your new stuff!

please leave a quick comment on any tune you want in my own profile.. I think you'll like "these children" best tho.
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