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I'm a lazy piece of crap who can't be bothered using a rake/broom/quieter methods
39 70%
I have a secret graveyard filled with the bodies of leaf blower users
17 30%
Voters: 56.
So pit, what is your opinion on the most pointless invention ever?

Poll in a sec.

Edit: poll up. Obviously the options are slightly exaggerated.
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Dude leaf blowers are cool
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So pit, what is your opinion on the stupidest and most annoying invention ever

I like them....unless you plan to rake my lawn everytime I cut it.
screw rakes!! leaf blowers kick ass!
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Meh, useless pollution.
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nice discovery, sir.

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Try cleaning all the sticks and leaves and stuff off of your roof with a broom. I would rather be an annoying dick with a leaf blower than fall off my roof trying to use a push broom to clean it off.
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i have a leaf blower. and i love it.


Why walk 5 miles when you can use a car?
Why take half an hour to rake your leaves when you can do it in less than 5 with a leaf blower?
That gives you more time to fap!
leaf blowers are a godsend

screw you, buddy
my leaf blower is like a family member to me
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Meh, useless pollution.

Ever heard of an electric leafblower?
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They CAN blow more than just leaves you know?
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I have no yard, therefore my opinion is irrelivent but if I had a yard, it would be leaf blown. Not gas mind you, electric is the way to go.
Dude, did you ever put one of those on your junk?

Feels good man.
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Dude, did you ever put one of those on your junk?

Feels good man.

or when you put it underneath your shirt so it gets all puffed up?

or when you see that annoying neighbor walking up the street and just cant resist blowing the **** out of him/her (not like that ya ****in sickos)

god, i just realized how much i actually love leafblowers
▲I had a friend once
►He took some acid
▼Now he thinks he's a fire engine
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Meh, useless pollution.

leaf blowers blow air.
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Where i work i have a choice i could sweep the patio or i could use a leafblower to blow it all away. I choose the leaf blower it's so much easier.'
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i find them useful for clearing the driveway, or sidewalks. but i find them pretty useless once you try to use the in the grass.