I have a telecaster, love the tone, but i would love a third (middle) pickup. This might be an easy question but could i route it for a third pickup? I would probably try to put in a telecaster neck pickup, and simply cut out a spot in the pickguard for it too. Would that be difficult, or would it be more advisable to put in a strat pickup and buy the nashville pickguard? Then, a new 5-way selector - use the nashville telecaster one? or would a strat pickup selector fit as well?

If you know any complications i would face, please let me know. I have decent experience, but what kind of professional would be able to complete what i am looking for?

EDIT: i dont want to buy the nashville. the look of the telecaster neck pickups fit so much better. thanks anyway, below me

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just get the nashville tele lol its awesome

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No seriously i think it will work out if you cut a hole in it and buy a 5-way picup selector. It's your choice actually.
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Why do you want another tele neck pickup? What tone do seek to get from it?
Im pretty sure the tele neck pickup is wound backwards so its hum cancelling with the bridge. If you just stick another neck in the middle it would have 2 reverse pickups.
it can be done, but i dunno how much it'd cost, but they do look incredibly nice.


just to tease that's my tele with SSS config
^thats sick but i love the telecaster neck pickup, not the strat pickup. I don't know that my telecaster has reverse-wound pickups because its the standard (MIM). but i'll look into that; what would happen if i had two reverse wound pickups?

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yea, that's just to give you a vague idea of how it'd look.
I'm not to sure what would happen if you had two reverse wound PUP's, I'm not expert when it comes to that stuff, but it can't hurt to try it. Who knows you may stumble across something awesome, get a really nice tone
^itll sound like two single-coils and wont be hum cancelling when those two are selected together.

EDIT: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-Deluxe-Blackout-Telecaster-Electric-Guitar-515524-i1371267.gc
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