Hey guys, we have a new song up. It's titled Brainwash. We recorded this in my basement. Please tell us what you think of it, especially quality wise. We already know we "ripped off Nirvana" so please don't tell us that anymore. We're thinking of putting this on a demo for sale and we're wondering if this type of thing would be buyable. Everything is C4C. Thanks a lot. The link is in my sig. REMORA
you have a big nirvana resemblance, the vocals are VERY VERY kurt cobaine, I like the song though, it's almost AS good as nirvana, I think it's very good, the problem is that you sound SO much like nirvana that the songs lack a bit of originality, it may cause problems some day, despite all that, it's a great song, good guitars drums and vocals!".

What did you use to record this?

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wow, well it may sound alot like nirvana, but that means your doing very good, probably not get very far but its a good place to start and find your own sound. you listen to all these popular bands and then listen to their early stuff and its completely different with some roots that stay the same and i can definitely see you guys doing that
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Thanks for such a detailed crit. We don't really need to be told we sound like Nirvana. We like the music we play and as far as being compared to one of the most popular and influential bands in the world, we like it. Anyone else?

Well, they aren't "comparing" you to nirvana, more just saying you are ripping them off. Noones saying this has a little bit of a nirvana sound, they are saying it sounds like it could be one of their songs, and that generally isn't a good thing. Most artists aren't proud of stealing work, and why would I or anyone else listen to music thats like nirvana, when I could listen to nirvana?