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Don't you mean....

When will the Orange AD5 come out and what will the price be?

No idea but that bad of grammar pisses me off unless Englsih is your second language.

yeah +1.

You will get a lot more respect and serious answers if you just type like a normal human being
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It's out it and only like 125 were made. It was out on a limit production. those are the handmade later. a second batch of 250 made with PCBS . now there discountined there very hard to find. They cost about 800-1,200 in USD dollars. 400-600 euros
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It's out it and only like 100 were made. It was out on a limit production.

yeah but isn't it be being reissued
To find one on ebay is like trying to find a guy selling bananas in the middle of nowhere.
i heard they wre being reissued around the time of the tt combo cming out

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.