Soo i was doing chores one day and i got this awesome idea for a song, and the lyrics just happened to come at the same time which is rare for me, because i usually write them separately. half an hour to write the song, an hour to record it, but i think it came out pretty well.

the quality isnt great because i recorded in a basement with concrete walls and floor, but youll get the idea. and i havent smoothened out the transitions, but ill work on it. its also my first attempt at screaming, so C4C, lemme know what you think...its the only song on my profile
First of all the guitar at the begining is nice and crunchy, I think the guitar although it's heavy sounds quite cool, tbh, I don't like the drums too much at the beggining, the vocals are cool, good lyrics, you should maybe leave out the screaming while you sing, It's really cool, the ocals match the guitar really well, good job!

crit mine? it's deifferent kinda music though: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=920047