Good evening all,

I am located in the middle of know where. My time is limited once I leave work but I am dying to learn Guitar. Can anyone recommend a descent sight to take free lessons on the web? I have a good acoustic guitar and have time in the evenings to set and learn. Its just the web is best for me. I am really not into learning how to read music either. I understand tablature the best. If there is any advice one could through my way I would definitely appreciate it. Thanks all and have a good night.

ummmm... theres a lessons page here. go look around.
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ok basicallly all the lessons you really need are here on UG,just click on lessons at the top of the web page.
You could also use youtube, i find some good lessons there and its best to watch someone do exactly what they are explaining. The bad thing about you tube is that anyone can put up a video and they could be wrong.

Now as far as learning songs get your self two programs
1.powertab- free
2.guitar pro-not free

When you search for tabs on UG get the powertab version or the guitarpro version depending on what program you get-i have both and would suggest both.
It makes learning song allot more simple then looking at written tabs.
This site has taught me everything I know. Just playing songs that I like has taught me some general stuff, I had a bit of background working with theory (middle school band.. yea) and once again this site has taught me a lot. Just look around and check out some articles. You may want a better resource for chords, so heres http://chordbook.com/ and teach yourself to use a metronome, it will pay off. Just google it

Don't forget to enjoy it to. That's the most important (and easiest) part
I recommend checking out www.justinguitar.com

A guy by the name of Justin Sandercoe has prepared a series of videos specifically designed to teach beginning guitar students the basic fundamentals of guitar playing.
Thanks to you all. Hey Kim. Its funny you mentioned Justin. I was doing his first lesson last night. I like that he goes slow and they zoom up on what he is dong. Thanks again all and have a good night.