Is this Love?

Is this love I’m feeling
Or am I simply wondering why?
Is this feeling rushing through my body
The same feeling that makes me cry?
Cause it makes me, oh, so sad
And it makes me very glad
Both at the same time

Is this love I’m starting to know
13 years into my life?
Is it love whenever I am near you
And my hands begin to shake?
Cause I look into your eyes
And I think I know you
And I want to know so much more

Why must it be so confusing?
Why can’t it be taught?
Why must I sit alone every day
And re-think every thought?

Is this love I’m feeling?
This wanting to be wanted
Is it love that when I see you
I put on my best disguise
And pretend I don’t care
To hide and show
That I care so much

Is it love when you feel you’re lost
But don’t want to be found?
Is it love when you lie awake
Thinking and breathing low
Cause my head’s turned upside down
And my words are turned around
And my nights are sleepless and lonely

Why must I go through this?
Can’t I just be saved?
Someone tell me how I feel
Before I go insane
Crit. for crit. all criticism appreciated