Hey everyone.I need help buying a guitar. Im thinking about buying an Epiphone Les Paul Starter Pack II but, I found an Epiphone G-310 SG for 10 dollars more. Epiphone SG seems like a great guitar. The Les Paul is starter pack and many starter packs have many problems although I have always dreamed of buying a Les Paul.(Cant buy the real thing because Im only 13). Please tell me what you think is better.Also mention if you own any of these guitars, Here are the links if you want to see them.

Les Paul

i had that LP...its **** get the SG or a better LP
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The amp in starter packs= ****.

so dont buy it just cuz it has an amp (unless u reeeeallly need an amp)
try out the lp and sg and see which one u like

Wrong forum.
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i had the les paul starter pack and it sucks ... guitar sucks .. amp sucks .. i ended up selling it .. you should get a squire starter pack .. amp still sucks but atleast guitar isnt so bad
take it easy man .. its just a thread
Don't get an Epiphone that cheap, they really are crap. Instead, look at buying used.
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Get the G310 and an Orange Crush 10 ampliferr

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i got an epi les paul and i have a fender '72 custom tele and i can honestly say i prefer the paul.