Poll: would u buy a gh just for 1 genre
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22 67%
11 33%
Voters: 33.
so i herd about the metallica gh and it got me thinking

what if they made guitar hero games for certain genres
like a metal guitar hero
or a classical rock gh

would u buy that?
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I hardly have time to play regular guitar, and that is the most fulfilling for me to play- so no.
It'd be much better than a band GH. I made a poll a while back and the Genre Guitar Hero just went above and beyond the other choices (time Guitar Hero, band guitar Hero, etc.)
i would really like to see a punk or pop punk GH, with like blink, green day, the offspring...maybe some newer stuff like we the kings, all time low, mayday parade would be cool. id totally buy that. it might not be the hardest thing, but it would be fun just to play the songs if you like the them.
I think they should make an Anal Cunt guitar hero. I'd buy it, but as for a set genre on Guitar Hero, no they shouldn't. Maybe after the sixth installment.
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