ok. got a friends external hard drive connected to my computer through a firewire cable but my computer isn't recognizing it. it shows that something is plugged in to it but i can't find it to open the files on the external hard drive. how do i fix this?
im using windows vista - keep the flaming to yourselves. i know how bad it is
its not my external hard drive, its his. when i plugged it in to my computer it didn't say i needed to install anything
he doesn't have a computer. he has tracks that he's had done at studios put onto his hard drive so he can have me mix them.
Ditch Vista, get Linux Ubunto.
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i don't think it has a name. all it says is Comp USA on it.

Quote by Arch1119
Ditch Vista, get Linux Ubunto.

how did this comment help me at all? keep the flames on vista out of this thread. we all know vista sux so just let it be. if the computer you got was free gift you'd take it no matter what os it had on it